Antarctic Plateau

U.S. Antarctic Program

10/2009 - 02/2016

  • Deep field science support in locations such as Pirrit Hills and the Pine Island Glacier
  • Instructor for cold weather survival techniques, radio communications procedures, crevasse rescue, sea ice travel.
  • Remote facility maintenance and logistical facilitation in deep field locations
  • Field Support Mountaineer for locations such as Mr. Erebus, McMurdo Dry Valleys and the Central Trans-Antarctic Mountains.
  • On site medical for remote locations (Wilderness EMT).
  • Member of standing Search and Rescue team with on call readiness.
  • Operator of light vehicles (snow machines, Pisten Bulley, Haegglunds) and heavy equipment (Caterpillar MT 865c, CASE Quadtracks).
  • Trained for Mass Casualty Incidents, Hazardous Cargo Handling and Helicopter Operations, including “Step Out” and slingload building.
  • Regular participant in helicopter (A-Star, Bell 212) and fixed wing aircraft (Twin Otter, Hercules C-130) operations.
  • Regular use of communication devices (VHF and HF radio, satellite telephone).
  • Regular exposure to extreme weather and high altitude.
  • Coordinator with National Science Foundation, air support providers, military, other agency officials, and Antarctic New Zealand.
  • 5000 miles of surface traverse to South Pole, the AGAP project in the subglacial Gamburtsev mountains, and the Pine Island Glacier.