Alpine Ascents Denali

Alpine Ascents International

04/2008 - Present

I am the Program Supervisor for Alpine Ascents International.  My responsibilities include recruitment, training, retention, development, discipline, separation, and benefits.  A portion of my time is field related, including training, course management, and domestic and international logistics.  I also manage partnering with our fellow guide services and liaison with government agencies.  As time permits, I continue to lead domestic and international climbs.

Previously, I was a lead guide on high mountain expeditions for Alpine Ascents.  These included Denali, Rainier, Aconcagua, and Kilimanjaro.  I also trained clients in wilderness and glacier travel, as well as Leave No Trace travel, and I taught history, geology, weather, and climbing history to clients and the general public.  I often worked in extreme cold, adverse weather, and high altitude.